It took two years for me to find a great surgeon who I can trust. By the first consultation visit I knew he was the one I had been looking for. With Dr. Olding your cosmetic procedure will be in great hands. I recently had two plastic surgeries, Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation, as well as cheek filler injection with Dr. Olding. He is LEGENDARY. He made a masterpiece out of my large nose, bulbous tip, large nostrils , and big crooked hump as well as my slightly pushed back chin. My nose looks so natural. No one can even tell that I had a surgery. No bleeding or pain post-surgery… not even scaring. Words are not enough to thank Dr. Olding for what he has done for me. Pre-op and post-op procedure were so easy. I had the most pleasant visits and experience with his office and nurses. Go with his logic and you will see great results. I absolutely recommend him for surgical and non-surgical procedures to everyone.