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Breast LiftA breast lift, or mastopexy, is a surgical procedure to raise and reshape sagging breasts. Factors such as pregnancy, nursing, weight change, aging and gravity produce changes in the appearance of a woman’s breasts, and as the skin becomes less elastic over time, the breasts often lose their shape and begin to sag. A breast lift can raise and re-contour your breasts by removing excess skin and repositioning tissue and nipples.

The procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis. Patients generally return to work within a week and return to strenuous activity within one month. Scars should fade within several months to a year. Results vary as aging, pregnancy, and changes in weight may cause new sagging. Breasts of any size can be lifted, but the results may not last as long in women with heavy, large breasts. Your breasts after a breast lift will be smaller than your current size.

My experience with Dr. Olding and his staff was absolutely wonderful

My experience with Dr. Olding and his staff was absolutely wonderful. After several consultations with other plastic surgeons I settled on Dr. Olding because I believed he was the most qualified and showed the best judgment while explaining my procedure to me. He was also recommended to me by my trusted dermatologist so that factored into my decision as well.
H. A.

Patients may experience temporary soreness, swelling, bruising, or a change in nipple sensation. Potential complications include thick scarring, skin loss, infection, unevenly positioned nipples, loss of feeling in the nipples or breasts, or asymmetry.

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